Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terrible Journalism

Terrible journalism is easy to come by, especially in "flagrant ignorance about religion" flavor. This piece, however, demonstrates a more subtle failure. I know nothing after reading the article that I didn't already know from the headline. Why do these windows violate the zoning restrictions? I certainly don't know. Do the zoning regulations prohibit tenants from opening the existing windows? Why can't the Margaritaville install windows that look exactly like the original windows but that open wider and more easily? Or do the zoning regulations simply prohibit storefronts that are only partially enclosed (in which case what windows are installed is entirely beside the point: the practice of opening them alone is offensive)?

But the article doesn't say any of that. It creates further uncertainty, rather than educating: poor writing on any level.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


From the Registrar:

"The size of the law diplomas (14x17) prohibits printing them on sheepskin so law diplomas are printed on a fine white paper."

Oh really? The Size came to the registrar's office and warned that someone would have to sleep with the fishes if the law diplomas were printed on vellum? I find that even less plausible than the excuse that it is simply impossible for our printing service to handle or procure such large sheets of vellum.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Brother

What is it about Notre Dame in the 21st century that attracts people prone to bone-headed decisions to positions of authority? Seems like we can't even go a full year in between flubs these days.