Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Judgment for Ejectment

"The form of the judgment, after v erdict for the plaintiff in ejectment, on a single demise, is, 'that the plaintiff do recover his term aforesaid, yet to come and unexpired, of and in the said tenements, with the appurtenance above-mentioned, whereof it has been found by the jurors aforesaid, that the defendant is guilty of the trespass and ejectment aforesaid, and his damages aforesaid, by the jurors aforesaid, in form aforesaid assessed: and also [amount of damages] to plaintiff, at his request, for his costs and charges aforesaid, by the court here, for an increase adjudged, which said damages in the whole amount to [amount]. And let the said defendant be taken, etc."
William Selwyin, I An Abridgement of the Law of Nisi Prius 619--620 (1831).

N.B. -- thank goodness for the rise of the definite article---the aforesaid density in this piece is a bit high.

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