Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Cordial Churchman

Is giving away a tie. Go hither and enter.

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  1. Titus - no email here on your blog that I could find - read your comments over on Fr Z's blog re: Catholic Identity of Catholic Schools. figure you will eventually check comments on your blog...

    You were the only other person besides me to mention that the whole modern education enterprise is wrong - that the fad-driven, dumbing us down NEA model is contrary to Catholic teaching regardless of any particular content. (of course, the content is repugnant more often than not, too, but even if it weren't, the approach is wrong.)

    I almost never meet anyone who understands this - everybody thinks what they want is a kinder, gentler, more Catholic school that's exactly like public schools in every way, except better, somehow. It's good to see somebody else gets that that's not it.