Monday, April 1, 2013

The Vatican Press Office Must Be Abolished

The embarrassing and confusing spectacle of Fr. Frederico Lombardi, S.J., tottering out and issuing bizarre statements about the nature of Church teaching and Canon Law simply must come to an end. What purpose is served by manufacturing mountains of vacuous papers stamped by a Vatican office? Surely the answer is "none whatsoever."

The two Vatican Councils speak at substantial length, if not with astonishing pellucidity, on the various forms in which the Church's Magisterium acts. "Press conferences by Jesuits" are not on the list. The Church has laws. She has liturgical texts. She has papal decrees, encyclicals, dogmatic constitutions, and various concilar documents. She does not need press releases. Publish a schedule of Mass and confession times, a number to call to schedule a baptism, and be done with it. If someone wants to know what the Church says on further matters, let him look to where the Church has already spoken. All the present state of affairs does is make bad situations worse.

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